Principal Designer

Under the CDM Regulations 2015, WPL Consulting can offer a tailor made service to suit our Clients needs; either as Principal Designer working in conjunction with our specialist in house departments, or as a Client advisor; to advise and assist with the increased duties under the new Regulations. We advise on all aspects of the legislative requirements to fully incorporate health and safety management into the construction, use, maintenance or demolition of a building.

With our depth of knowledge across architectural, M&E services, building pathology and project management, WPL ConsultingĀ is ideally positioned to rapidly and expertly oversee that risks are identified, effectively assessed, controlled, managed and co-ordinated through our Principal Designer Service.

As Principal Designers we:

  • Advise Clients as to their role and responsibilities under the new Regulations, assisting to fulfil requirements where possible.
  • Work with the project team and review designs, identifying foreseeableĀ hazards and designs which potentially affect the health and safety of those involved in the project and future occupants of the building/structure.
  • Review designer compliance with their responsibilities under the regulations
  • Prepare pre-construction information and issue to tendering contractors
  • Liaise with contractors and Client to ensure the Health & Safety Plan is suitable and in place prior to commencement of construction
  • Work closely with the project team reviewing and advising of any design changes that may affect Health & Safety
  • Coordinate and prepare the Health & Safety File

As Client Advisors we:

  • Advise Clients as to their role and responsibilities under the new Regulations
  • Assist the Client in their duties under the Regulations
  • Review and monitor works to verify they are progressing in a safe and proper manner.