Energy Services

With increasingly complex legislation being introduced all the time relating to Energy Efficiency WPL can offer a number of services to assist Clients in complying with these regulations and in particular to assist with any planning requirements the local authority may have imposed.

Dealing with Utilities and Statutory providers is often a time consuming and complex task and another area where WPL can offer a suite of services to assist. Our services are outlined below:


  • Obtain, collate and co-ordinate existing utility plans and record drawings.
  • Arrange quotations for new connections, disconnections, diversions and capacity increase/decreases as required.
  • Advise on overall site utility services strategy.
  • Production of proposed and existing utility services drawings to enable projects to go out to tender.
  • Undertake site surveys to determine existing utility connection arrangements and determine future requirements.
  • Advise and arranging competitive energy supply contracts.
  • Attendance at site meetings and design team meetings.
  • Arrange registration of MPANs & MPRNs and obtain meter installation proposals

Building Compliance:

  • Design and post construction SAP/SBEM calculations for residential and commercial demises
  • Final certification EPC
  • Acoustic Design & Testing
  • Air Tightness Testing
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sustainability Statements
  • Producing BREEAM compliance reports covering the following:-
    • HEA01: Visual Comfort
    • HEA02: Indoor Air Quality
    • HEA04: Thermal Comfort
    • ENE01: Reduction of Energy Use and Carbon
    • ENE02: Energy Monitoring
    • ENE03: External Lighting
    • ENE04: Low Carbon Design
    • WAT02: Water Monitoring
    • WAT03: Water Leak Detection
    • WAT04: Water Efficient Equipment